NEW! Dental Delight toothpaste

Dental Delight is willing to improve oral health care by making it more fun! Dental Delight - toothpaste for adults and teenagers.
Dental Delight does not use any animal products in production and is suitable for vegans, it is Cruelty Free and supports global efforts against animal testing in cosmetics.Dental Delight does not use microplastics in production and is free from triclosan, palm oil and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

Dental Delight protects:
• Effectively prevents tooth decay and reduces plaque build-up
• Hardens and remineralizes tooth enamel
• Protects against new tartar formation and cares for the gums
Dental Delight makes shine:
• Helps gently with daily teeth cleaning
• Contributes to the removal of surface discoloration
• This ensures a naturally white smile*
*depending on the natural color of teeth
Dental Delight tastes good
• Provides fresh breath
• Feels pleasantly cool