„German Products Baltics’’ LLC is FMCG distribution and marketing company specialised in baby products, selected food and beverage range, operating in the Baltic countries.

,,German Products Baltics’’ LLC establishes and maintains long-term partnership with world-assessed and popular manufacturers. ,,German Products Baltics’’ LLC offers quality products for all the family.


Previously it was thought that the Earth is flat and is based on three whales. This statement was overthrown. In turn, the 3 core values ​​of ,,German Products Baltics’’ LLC are prooved theoretically and prectically:


  1. Professionals with an experience in international trade and with a wide spectrum of Competence.

  2. Loyal to their business, representing brands and distributing their products. (Attitude)

  3. Operatively informed of the latest marketing trends.  Carefully listening to consumer insights, to develop and adapt to market changes. (Interest)

  4. Responsible for the quality of goods from store shelves until the product for recycling.(Responsibility)

Team of ,,German Products Baltics’’ LLC feature  those 4 characteristics: COMPETENCE, ATTITUDE, INTEREST un RESPONSIBILITY.  There is a saying: ,,Three things good things, fourth-from the heart’’. It is also about our staff – they are working from all the heart.


Representing 12 brands, we are one of the largest wholesalers in the Baltics. The wide product range confirms our professional approach, long-term experience in business and trade. We ensure that you will receive only the highest quality products, which are manufactured in accordance with the ,,old’’ Europe’s standards.

Baby and infant food Children cosmetic and care products 

Products for everyone

  • Friso infant formulas
  • Kinella  juice
  • Wildalp water 
  • Bubchen children skin care products
  • NUK baby care and nursing products
  • Messmer Tea
  • Yogi Tea wellness tea 
  • Dallmayr coffee
  • Oljarna Fram pumpkin seed oil
  • Morska table sea salt
  • Farmer's Snack dried fruit and nuts
  • Hosta sweets and snacks


We do our best to achieve excellence in communication with customers. A true partnership is based on continuous performance development, mutual benefit and trust. ,,German Products Baltics’’  LLC listens to clients, focus on their needs, because the customer's success is as well our success.

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